Reveal vulnerabilities in your system and implement protective measures, such as continuous IDS monitoring. This allows you to respond immediately to unauthorized activity and quickly restore normalcy.
The more detailed the information about your assets, the easier it is to detect and prioritize events and alarms.

Enhancing Cybersecurity of 
Critical Infrastructure

Outdated software and protection and control devices seem often impossible to update. Security patches require costly maintenance and disrupt critical processes. The risk of attacks and ransomware continues to grow.

The problem with security advisories

Security advisories for protection, control, or network devices warn of vulnerabilities and highlight risks to the grid. However, many advisories are inaccurate and lack relevant information. Comparing security advisories to the devices you have in your automation systems is difficult because you need to know the device type, module configuration, and firmware version. But with our vulnerability database, you can easily determine if affected services are in use on your network and are vulnerable.

Why information is so valuable

It is important to be aware of vulnerabilities in protection, control, and network devices. Our comprehensive database provides this information. It is linked to an asset-type database and supported by accurate asset management. This lets you quickly and easily identify vulnerabilities relevant to your system and respond to threats immediately.

Why do you need a comprehensive 
asset inventory?

It is difficult to be prepared for cyber attacks without accurate knowledge of the hardware and software in your network. With an automated and comprehensive asset inventory, you can record and manage the inventory of your assets with ease. It shows what devices and applications are in use and whether they are up to date. This enables you to respond to potential threats like malware, ransomware, and ghost assets. With this level of visibility, you can protect your system securely and effectively.

Comprehensive Vulnerability

  • Holistic approach to security risk assessment
  • Insight into all cyber security and functional aspects
  • Identification of attack surfaces and vulnerabilities
  • Detection of functional problems in the network and automation system
  • Asset inventory for full visibility of OT components
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Holistic Safety Assessment 
for Your Utility

Security risk 
assessment with dashboard

What are the benefits? Optimize your cyber security and identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities in your protection and control assets. You can be certain about compliance with legislation and security standards.

monitoring for everyone

Your engineers and IT professionals can monitor not only the network, but also the operation of the automation system, as functional aspects also provide indicators of cyber incidents (e.g., equipment malfunction).

Threat detection of your OT network

The availability of your automation systems is a top priority. You can automatically monitor device information (active discovery) using technical data and passive network monitoring. By comparing the information with our database, you can identify vulnerabilities and potential risks at an early stage.

Informed asset scanning

By monitoring and validating network messages, you can detect known vulnerabilities and previously unknown zero-day exploits.

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