We are excited to announce a new search feature in the StationGuard network diagram that makes it easy to find all equipment information in your network:

Device Search in ZeroLine.

With StationGuard, we aim to speed up the configuration process and roll-out of sensors to multiple plants. Unlike other systems, StationGuard doesn't require a learning phase to establish a baseline of network activity. Instead, it creates a detailed allow list based on device roles. Now, with our latest feature, you can search and highlight devices by engineering name, type, description, vendor, firmware version, hardware version, MAC address, and IP address to further speed up the configuration process.


EDIT: The “Device Search in ZeroLine” feature has been added to our StationGuard solution in its 2.30 update:

StationGuard 2.30 is available now

How Will the New Feature 
Improve Security and Engineering Operations?

We believe this new feature will be an important part of the ongoing effort to secure the power grid. Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming release and the exciting new features it will bring.

StationGuard 2.30 is scheduled for release in Q3/2023, but you can start testing this new feature today. Contact our experts and test the possibilities of the new feature yourself:



In the meantime, to learn more about our other features and services, please visit our product page.