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With our services you can assess capabilities, implement controls, and enforce defenses against evolving danger. Our leading network security solutions now offer a broader portfolio, including risk management and threat detection.

Service Overview

Security Assessment

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, safeguarding the grid is paramount. Our suite of assessments, including Security Risk Assessment and Functional Assessment, empowers you to fortify your infrastructure, proactively identify vulnerabilities, and ensure the secure and optimal operation of your automation systems.

Security Assessment

Explore our security assessment service packages

1. Security Risk Assessment

Rely on our Security Risk Assessment to pinpoint and prioritize vulnerabilities within your grid. Our seasoned network experts employ a best-practices approach to scrutinize your network architecture and segmentation.

During the Security Assessment, we meticulously validate the events and alarms detected within your OT network. Additionally, our team provides your staff with clear event descriptions and actionable recommendations, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of potential dangers and a fortified security posture.


Why is this service relevant to you?

Rely on our security assessment to uncover vulnerabilities within your OT network and rank them by potential impact. Our expert remediation guidance empowers your security teams to formulate a robust risk mitigation strategy to ensure the cybersecurity of your critical infrastructure.


What value can you expect?

 The result of our security assessment empowers you to:

  • protect the integrity of your OT network,
  • detect and neutralize potential dangers to your OT network,
  • prioritize events and alerts based on risk assessment, and
  • reduce the incidence of false positives.

2. Functional Assessment

Our functional assessment works with your team to ensure optimal performance of your automation systems and OT network.

We carefully examine the communication status of your systems and IEDs, ensuring compliance with industry standards such as IEC 61850, while pinpointing configuration, communication, protocol, and interoperability issues for rapid resolution.


Why is this service relevant to you?

Over time, network structures that have evolved organically alongside long-standing assets can inadvertently introduce inherent risks into your system.

Our functional assessment steps in to mitigate potential functional failures and unearth vulnerabilities within your grid, ensuring its resilience and robustness.



What value can you expect?

After gaining a deeper understanding of your equipment, you can 

  • rest assured of your network’s reliability, 
  • confirm the accuracy of automation systems, IED communications, and specifications in your networks, while
  • identifying and remediating vulnerabilities.

Asset Management

Unlock the complete potential of your asset management and network optimization journey with our advanced solutions. In today's dynamic OT environment, ensuring an accurate asset inventory and streamlining operational workflows are essential. Explore how our offerings empower you to seize control of your network's assets and ensure operational excellence.

Asset Management

Explore our asset management service packages

1. Asset detection/ identification

Our tool-based and reaction-free asset discovery helps you identify, visualize and document all active assets and IEDs in your OT network.

This includes control technology, station automation systems (SAS), SCADA, and RTUs and IEDs.


Why is this service relevant to you?

An up-to-date and complete asset inventory is central to asset management and the foundation for other processes such as change management, vulnerability management, incident management, and risk management.


What value can you expect?

Empower yourself with an invaluable asset inventory and comprehensively identify, document, and visualize all:

  • assets, 
  • IEDs, 
  • network connections, 
  • and communication links within your power grid.

2. Asset management

Our experts help you interpret and improve the quality of your data and ensure seamless data migration from disparate systems into our specialized software solution designed to excel at asset data management in the OT environment.

  • Asset Inventory: Gain a comprehensive view of your assets.
  • Configuration Management: Efficiently manage configurations.
  • Revision Control: Define revisions and maintain a clear revision history.
  • Firmware Management: Streamline firmware updates.
  • Test and template management: Simplify test procedures.

Let our team help you implement and maintain best practices throughout the lifecycle of your IEDs to ensure optimal performance and cybersecurity.


Why is this service relevant to you?

By leveraging our expertise, you can establish a unified repository for all PAC-related data, creating a definitive single source of truth. This streamlined approach harmonizes operational workflows, enhancing efficiency and strengthening cybersecurity measures for your critical infrastructure.



What value can you expect?

We offer support in several key areas:

  • Data Quality Assessment: Our experts can rate the quality of your data to ensure its accuracy and reliability.
  • Data Strategy Development: We assist in developing a forward-looking data strategy that optimizes your data workflows and aligns with your operational goals.
  • Legacy Data Migration: We can help you seamlessly migrate legacy data into our specialized software solution, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Best Practices Implementation: Our team helps you establish and maintain best practices for IED maintenance and commissioning.
  • Configuration Tracking: We provide specialized capabilities to track setting revisions and configurations for your IEDs, enhancing transparency and control.
  • Streamlined Information: We eliminate unnecessary overhead and make all relevant information readily available, improving data accessibility and efficiency.
  • Audit Transparency: Our services offer transparency and documentation that can facilitate audits and compliance checks.

Threat and Vulnerability

In the realm of security, staying vigilant against vulnerabilities and threats is crucial. Our advanced vulnerability and threat management solutions offer seamless identification and management of technical vulnerabilities in your assets and IEDs, along with streamlined firmware updates for optimal operational efficiency.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Explore our threat and vulnerability management service packages

1. Vulnerability database

In our OT vulnerability database, you'll find CSAF files from leading vendors, as well as older security advisories that have not yet been CSAF'd.

Our dedicated experts painstakingly

  • Review reported advisories
  • Verify their accuracy
  • Correct them if necessary
  • Supplement them with essential metadata

We also maintain and continually expand our device type database to ensure comprehensive coverage. For your convenience, you can update our OT vulnerability database both offline and online.


Why is this service relevant to you?

Our vulnerability database empowers you to pinpoint and address the technical vulnerabilities of your assets and IEDs effectively, ensuring the robust cybersecurity of your critical infrastructure.


What value can you expect?

We offer you:

  • An up-to-date and expanded OT vulnerability database at your fingertips
  • The flexibility of online and offline update capabilities
  • A strong and robust vulnerability and risk management with our continuous expert support 

2. Threat and vulnerability management

With our expertise, we provide automated vulnerability assessment and management services tailored to your needs: 

  • Identify all pertinent technical dangers and security vulnerabilities associated with your assets and IEDs.
  • Analyze the severity of these vulnerabilities using the CVSS metric.
  • Visualize all relevant vulnerabilities through a clear and user-friendly dashboard.


Why is this service relevant to you?

Collecting, analyzing, and evaluating security alerts is time consuming. Our automated vulnerability management reduces the burden on your staff and reports only the vulnerabilities that are truly relevant to your facilities and assets or IEDs.


What value can you expect?

With our automated vulnerability management process, you benefit from:

  • streamlined vulnerability identification and criticality assessment,
  • clear and insightful dashboard visualization of relevant vulnerabilities,
  • a significant reduction in the operational burden on your staff, and
  • strong support for change and risk management efforts.

3. Workflow process analyses and optimization

We assess your current firmware (FW) management processes and offer:

  • Recommendations and tools to streamline your FW update process.
  • Visibility into the FW versions installed on your devices to quickly assess the relevance of released updates.
  • Insight into the potential impact of FW updates, enabling informed decision making and intelligent rollout planning.
  • Track progress and fully document all associated tasks and decisions to ensure a well-documented process.


Why is this service relevant to you?

This service is helps you create efficient, transparent processes to effectively manage the tasks and risks associated with firmware (FW) updates in your OT network.


What value can you expect?

Our support includes:

  • Establishing dedicated processes and systems for FW handling
  • Making all relevant information readily available
  • Providing transparency for audits

4. Test strategy

Our experts can help you define the ideal scope and depth of testing after various firmware (FW) updates, provide valuable tools and workflow optimization recommendations to ensure efficient updates, and create customized training programs to increase in-house expert


Why is this service relevant to you?

Establish a robust testing strategy for FW updates to maintain network security after an update, while streamlining your processes and cultivating the expertise needed to effectively manage the increasing frequency of updates.


What value can you expect?

We’re here to assist you in:

  • Creating a robust testing strategy for FW updates
  • Providing expert guidance and tools to support your processes
  • Training your staff and share our extensive expertise in IED and electrical system testing

Incident Response

Strengthen your response capabilities with our reliable Incident Response Services, which provide around-the-clock expert support for accurate alarm analysis and thorough vulnerability management. Quickly address potential threats and vulnerabilities and increase your preparedness to improve operational resilience with solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Incident Response

Explore our incident response service packages

1. Expert support for alert analysis

In some cases, distinguishing between a true threat and a device malfunction or misconfiguration can be a complex task.

Our team of security analysts specializes in providing in-depth interpretation and assessment of alarms generated by StationGuard.

As our valued customer, you have seamless access to OMICRON's 24/7 support. Your alarm analysis request will be immediately routed to our StationGuard expert incident response team, which is available around the clock, including weekends and holidays.


Why is this service relevant to you?

OMICRON has decades of experience in substation communications and a team of dedicated cybersecurity experts focused on power systems. With this wealth of knowledge, we are uniquely equipped to help you analyze StationGuard alerts and respond quickly and effectively to potential threats.


What value can you expect?

Unlock your security potential:

  • Gain expert guidance in deciphering and assessing alarms, 
  • Minimize risks associated with technical failures and security incidents, and 
  • Enjoy round-the-clock support, ensuring the continuous protection of your critical assets.

2. Expert support for vulnerability management

GridOps, our centralized management system, delivers an OT vulnerability database and automated vulnerability management for your IED and OT assets. When needed, our expert security analysts are ready to assist in interpreting and evaluating technical vulnerabilities, and our 24/7 support ensures prompt assistance, even during weekends and holidays, to fortify your security stance.


Why is this service relevant to you?

Our team of experts diligently evaluates vulnerabilities based on security advisories and meticulously reviews, verifies, corrects, and updates them. We're here to provide invaluable assistance, help interpret vulnerabilities, and perform criticality assessments, all with the goal of strengthening your cybersecurity efforts.


What value can you expect?

Count on us for

  • Expert guidance in interpreting and assessing technical vulnerabilities
  • Mitigating the risk of disruptions or security incidents
  • 24/7 support, every day of the year

Security Concepts

Optimize your operations with our specialized OT network concepts service, designed to assist you in developing and strengthening security strategies aligned with industry standards like ISA/IEC 62443 and NIST SP 800-82, safeguarding your critical assets and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Incident Response

Explore our security concepts service package

OT network concepts

Partner with our specialists to enhance your OT network design, aligning with industry standards like ISA/IEC 62443 or NIST SP 800-82. We provide expert guidance in:

  • Grid architecture and design
  • Network segmentation and segregation (physical, logical, network traffic)
  • Network configuration
  • Implementing a defense-in-depth approach
  • Ensuring network perimeter or transition protection.


Why is this service relevant to you?

Securing your critical assets depends on a standards-based, accurate, and robust OT network that is tailored to your facilities. Our OT network design services enable you to ensure your desired level of security, strategize and implement effective security measures, and provide the necessary audit and review documentation.


What value can you expect?

Our team of experts helps you to:

  • implement best practice OT network design,
  • enhance security levels,
  • ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, and
  • furnish robust documentation for audits and reviews

OT Forensics

When unforeseen challenges strike your operational technology (OT) network, count on our OT Forensics experts to swiftly analyze, and evaluate issues such as IED malfunctions, network protocols, PCAP files, and MMS, providing crucial insights, troubleshooting assistance, and security incident documentation to ensure the seamless functioning of your facility.

OT Forensic

Explore our OT Forensics service package

Analysis and evaluation of pcap files and mms

In the event of a specific emergency or suspected security incident, our OT Forensics team is ready to assist. We specialize in the analysis and evaluation of:

  • IED malfunctions
  • Network logs
  • PCAP files
  • MMS

Our goal is to prevent risk or, in the event of an incident, to quickly identify and thoroughly document security issues.


Why is this service relevant to you?

Our security analysts specialize in OT networks and power systems, providing you with in-depth experience and expertise. This means you can count on us for accurate analysis and effective incident resolution for your critical infrastructure.


What value can you expect?

We’re here to assist you with:

  • avoidance and reduction of risks and damages,
  • troubleshooting support,
  • security incident analysis and documentation, and
  • restoration of the proper operation of your facility.


Prepare, excel, and defend with OMICRON Audit services. We provide training, expert support, and on-site assistance, ensuring you are audit-ready, minimizing non-conformities, and facilitating a smooth audit process.


Explore our audit service packages

1. Audit preparation

Our experts are here to assist you in all aspects of audits, from strategizing for audit defense and reviewing evidence to simulating audits and offering guidance for handling potential audit inquiries. Additionally, we provide valuable training and workshops tailored to your needs, ensuring you're well-prepared for upcoming audits.


Why is this service relevant to you?

Audits and certifications can be time consuming and challenging, but thorough preparation is the key to success. Our audit preparation services are designed to help you identify potential sources of error and documentation gaps, ensuring a smoother and more successful audit process.


What value can you expect?

Our support includes:

  • Raise awareness among managers and employees regarding proper audit behavior and various audit scenarios
  • Gain insights and knowledge from experienced auditors
  • Assess your "audit readiness"
  • Minimize audit nonconformities

2. Audit defense

As external experts, we provide unwavering support to your managers and employees throughout the audit process. If necessary, we can also provide you with personal support during discussions with the auditor.

If the auditor identifies nonconformities, we'll work with you to thoroughly review and address these issues and develop a comprehensive implementation plan to ensure resolution.


Why is this service relevant to you?

Whether you're facing an internal or external audit or certification process, OMICRON is at your side with our experienced team of technical and audit experts.

Our experts and auditors have extensive experience, and when faced with challenging audit questions, we always provide constructive, fact-based, and solution-oriented support. This approach significantly reduces the likelihood of significant nonconformities.


What value can you expect?

Key points of our support:

  • Personal and professional support from our technical experts and auditors during the audit.
  • Minimization of major and minor nonconformities in the audit process.
  • Assistance in reviewing and addressing identified nonconformities.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive treatment or implementation plan.

3. IDS StationGuard §8a BSiG

We serve as external experts to assist you in preparing and conducting an IDS/SzA audit specifically for our StationGuard solution.

  • Prior to the audit, we ensure the completeness and consistency of the standard and evidence documents, aligning them with guidelines such as those set by the BSI for attack detection systems.
  • We conduct a simulated IDS audit to help you address potential audit questions and provide valuable insights and advice for various audit scenarios.
  • Throughout the IDS/SzA audit, our external experts will provide comprehensive support to your team and, if required, we can join you directly in discussions with the auditor.
  • In cases where the auditor identifies technical or process nonconformities, we help you review and address these issues and work with you to formulate an effective remediation plan.


Why is this service relevant to you?

Our IDS StationGuard service is crucial for customers as it offers expert support and audit preparation, minimizing non-conformities and ensuring effective cybersecurity measures in compliance with industry standards.


What value can you expect?

We ensure a seamless audit process, supporting your team every step of the way. In choosing our IDS StationGuard service, you also

  • gain access to expert support, 
  • minimize non-conformities during audits, and 
  • receive assistance in addressing identified issues effectively. 

Engineering for your 

Our specialized engineering service is designed to bolster your network's resilience. Through meticulous SCL validation, advanced data model engineering, and expert network configuration, we fortify your cybersecurity defenses. Partner with us to safeguard your critical assets and ensure uninterrupted power grid operations.

Engineering for our (security-) products

Explore our engineering 
service packages

1. SCL validation and parameterization

In IEC 61850 standard-based networks, the SCL engineering file serves as the backbone for substation automation systems, containing critical configuration and communication details.

Our validation process carefully evaluates your SCL file against the SCL schema, providing valuable insights based on best practices for SCL engineering. In addition, we provide comprehensive data model engineering support to ensure that your system operates seamlessly.


Why is this service relevant to you?

Our functional assessments consistently reveal a common challenge:

  • Outdated SCL files,
  • communication errors between IEDs, and
  • occasionally, unanticipated external connections.

Keeping your SCL file current and accurate is paramount, as it not only mitigates these risks, but also serves as a valuable resource for troubleshooting, monitoring, and rigorous testing using various tools.


What value can you expect?

We're here to assist you in several crucial areas:

  • Ensuring the flawless operation of your IEC 61850-based devices, networks, and IEDs.
  • Accurate specification of your IED.
  • Comprehensive documentation of your SAS.
  • The effective reduction of vulnerabilities and risks in your systems.

2. Network configuration

Our team of experts is ready to help you design and rigorously verify the network configuration for your digital substation. 

We’ll actively participate in the definition and specification of your requirements, ensuring the correct implementation of protocols, IED specifications, and IED functionality.


Why is this service relevant to you?

To keep up with the growing threat scenarios, it is necessary to diligently apply industry best practices to mitigate risk, prevent potential disruptions, and ensure flawless network communication within your infrastructure to promote efficiency, security, and compliance with industry standards.


What value can you expect?

We provide expertise in critical areas, such as:

  • process bus design, 
  • station bus design, 
  • redundancy requirements gathering, 
  • and network design. 

Only by protecting all critical areas can you ensure the resilience of your operational technology environment.

3. Data strategy & workflow optimization

We rate your existing data quality and workflows, identify areas for improvement, and then work with you to develop a proactive data strategy that streamlines PAC-related processes, increases efficiency, and improves data quality. Our systematic implementation plan ensures the adoption of new and improved operational processes.

OMICRON's extensive experience in data strategy consulting and test optimization ensures a comprehensive approach that not only improves your information foundation, but also optimizes workflows, resulting in cost and resource savings. Ultimately, we empower your decision-making by leveraging your high-quality data and information.


Why is this service relevant to you?

Building a high-quality data foundation enables process optimization, improves decision making, and unlocks the potential of data-driven technologies to continually drive innovation, efficiency and competitiveness.


What value can you expect?

We help you

  • create a structured, reliable, and high-quality data foundation,
  • establish processes and strategies to maintain and continuously improve your data maturity,
  • and develop analytics that enable your organization to profit from its data.

4. PUC Lab

In our PUC Lab, we have built a digital substation automation system with real devices from different manufacturers.


Why is this service relevant to you?

In the PUC Lab, we

  • perform different SAS tests,
  • test new and innovative technologies,
  • simulate attack scenarios and attack vectors, and
  • identify potential vulnerabilities and risks.

You will gain crucial experience and develop knowledge through collaborative efforts.


What value can you expect?

Dive deeper into the realm of cybersecurity with us to enhance your expertise. Our offerings include:

  • live demonstrations of substation hacking, 
  • vendor-independent knowledge sharing, 
  • guidance for secure network and substation design, 
  • invaluable recommendations for your operational environment, as well as 
  • specialized training sessions and webinars for your staff.

Furthermore, we provide training sessions tailored to our OMICRON products such as StationGuard, StationScout, and IEDScout.

5. Deploy / Installation

At OMICRON, we prioritize simplicity and seamless integration for our cybersecurity products like StationGuard and GridOps. Our goal is to provide you with easy-to-use solutions that swiftly become an integral part of your OT network, offering immediate protection against cybersecurity threats.

If you require assistance, our team of experts is ready to perform on-site installation, integration, and configuration of our cybersecurity solutions to ensure your equipment remains safeguarded at all times. Your safety and security is our top priority.


Why is this service relevant to you?

We're here to assist you in configuring your solution to effectively safeguard your OT network. Our integrated health monitoring is adept at identifying communication issues and IED specification errors right from the outset of StationGuard's installation and setup.


What value can you expect?

Our service guarantees:

  • Reliable operation of your IDS/SzA systems
  • Immediate protection against cyberattacks
  • Real-time functional monitoring of your OT network
  • On-site support for your team’s peace of mind


Elevate your team's cybersecurity expertise with OMICRON's comprehensive training solutions, designed to empower professionals responsible for securing critical infrastructure. Explore our offerings, from live substation hacking demonstrations to IEC 61850 fundamentals and product-specific training, ensuring you're well-prepared to protect your network and substations from cyber threats.


Explore our extensive education offerings

IT principles for protection and control engineers – bridging the gap


Ensuring the security of power supply is a top priority for electric utilities and industrial plants, and for you as an OT team member. Are you aware of any risks on top of the ones related to the electrical assets and the grid? This course will introduce you to IT related risks and potential attacks and empower you to deal with these on a professional level. For this purpose, our experts with practical experience will provide you with an easy introduction to the basics of the IT security process, and bring IT and OT employees together.


  • Understand the differences between safety and information security requirements
  • Know the trigger points of IT employees regarding ISMS and security concepts
  • Learn the essential points of risk management process and how to perform a risk analysis
  • Know types of cybersecurity attacks and measure for incident prevention and incident response

Register here 

This training is only available in German.

OT principles for IT professionals - bridging the gap


Are you working in the IT team of an electrical utility or industrial plant and getting OT questions and requirements? This course is the perfect choice for you. You will acquire the essential knowledge of the OT landscape as well as the related risks and threats. You will become familiar with OT priorities and needs. With practical examples and use cases, our experts will provide you with an easy introduction to the basics of the OT processes to IT employees and will bring IT and OT employees together


  • Empower participants to enhance collaboration between IT and OT teams
  • Know the trigger points of OT employees regarding network structure, assets and security patches
  • Learn the unique security aspects and challenges within OT environments
  • Know types of OT communication protocols and their requirements on the IT infrastructure

Register here

This training is only available in German.

Live hack of a substation (Recording)


Experience live demonstrations of substation cyberattacks and learn to safeguard your facilities in OMICRON's PUCLAB. Gain vendor-independent knowledge, design secure networks, and receive expert recommendations and training for your staff and our cybersecurity products.


  • Understand how attackers can penetrate your substation and the methods they use to do so
  • Recognize the damage that can be caused by a hacker attack
  • Understand the control features that protect your substation and identify potential attack vectors
  • Learn about our IDS (StationGuard) and its unique capabilities to secure your substation

To the recording

This training is only available in German.


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