Effortlessly comply with security regulations and save valuable time when creating and updating your inventory. Secure your facility and capture accurate information about your assets' hardware, firmware, and configurations. Your risk management will thank you for it!

Optimize Asset Identification 
for Increased Security

Detailed asset identification

Combining network data and SCL engineering files gives you accurate information about your assets, such as type, hardware and firmware, and network topology.

Combined with
active query

Optionally, with IEC 61850 MMS, you can securely read equipment nameplates - using active discovery of your assets - without disrupting operations. This allows you to compare the original technical specifications with the installed equipment for a more detailed overview.

Integration with 3rd-party systems

We offer various plug-ins for 3rd-party asset inventory/CMDB (Configuration Management Databases) and ticketing systems. This enables tickets to be automatically generated from alarms and assigned to the technicians responsible for the asset.

Integrated vulnerability management

Often, IDS systems will report any vulnerability that even remotely applies. This makes it difficult to determine which vulnerabilities pose a real risk. By using a database of device types and vulnerabilities specifically created by our experts, only the vulnerabilities relevant to you are displayed.
Yann Gostelli

“The OMICRON solution is really easy to work with. I get all the information I need in a clear and understandable way. And in high quality.”

Yann Gostelli

Head of Substation Automation Systems, Centralschweizerische Kraftwerke AG

Effective resource management and system integration

Intrusion Detection, Purdue Level, OMICRON

Allow list approach for maximum effectiveness

Passive analysis of network traffic allows all devices communicating in the network to be detected. However, the station control system does not transmit device information such as firmware versions. This passively observed information is automatically combined with imported device files (SCL) and other device descriptions from the DCS, including technical descriptions, type, hardware configuration, product order codes, and firmware version to obtain the most accurate device information possible.


Export and synchronize your asset inventory

You can export the asset inventory at any time and import it into configuration management and ERP systems, as well as from Excel (CSV files). Importing CSV files reassures you that your inventory is complete and allows you to synchronize your data with any other source. You can also perform an active inventory to determine the firmware versions installed.


Plug-ins from 3rd-parties

Using plug-ins for ticketing systems, such as ServiceNow, tickets can be automatically created to deal with IDS alerts. Importing the asset inventory automatically assigns the tickets to the technician responsible for the affected asset or site.

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