Our BSI Certification and Penetration Tests 
Ensure Global Cybersecurity

The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has awarded our intrusion detection system, StationGuard, with the Fixed-Time Cybersecurity Certification (BSZ). We are the first intrusion detection system to receive this certificate.

The BSZ certificate confirms the security performance of StationGuard and its compliance with the BSI's high cyber security requirements. The detailed certification report, including the successfully implemented security requirements, can be found on the official BSI website.

What Does the BSI IT Security Certificate Mean for You?

Customers around the world can rely on the highest quality and security of our solution. StationGuard fulfils the security functions required by the BSI, which have been confirmed by four test activities based on the planned procedure:

1. Testing of installation documentation
2. Conformance testing
3. Penetration testing
4. Evaluation of the implementation of cryptographic algorithms.

The security performance of our system has thus been comprehensively tested and confirmed.

Thomas Friedel, Cybersecurity Expert

“We are delighted that the BSI has also confirmed the security performance of our StationGuard solution with the Fixed-Time Cybersecurity Certification. As a cyber security partner, we are the first and only provider to offer our customers an intrusion detection system that has been awarded the BSZ certificate. OMICRON has been a reliable partner for energy suppliers and grid operators for more than 30 years. We put all of our passion into developing our products and maintain the highest quality standards through a Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC).”

Thomas Friedel

Cyberbersecurity Expert, OMICRON

Effective Intrusion Detection and Management

StationGuard and GridOps set new standards! Regardless of the BSZ award, we continue to optimize our solutions to meet the needs of the energy industry. For example, GridOps provides you with an optimal management interface for the StationGuard sensors in the grid, allowing you to collect and immediately analyze all the data provided.

StationGuard: The most ef­fec­tive in­tru­sion de­tec­tion sys­tem in the en­ergy in­dus­try


The StationGuard IDS collects detailed data on each piece of equipment. The innovative allow list system provides prompt and precise intrusion detection, reduces false alarms, and ensures the device is ready for use faster. All alerts can be understood by both OT and IT employees.

Gri­dOps - Cen­tral Man­age­ment Sys­tem


GridOps provides comprehensive asset inventory, an alarm dashboard, sensor management, centralized user management and vulnerability management with extensive reporting. Users are only shown the relevant vulnerabilities, which ensures efficient vulnerability management.

Cybersecurity for OT Environments, icon, small, v2

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