increase in cyber incidents in the (waste-) water industry, making it the highest ranked industry in the US.
(Source: Department of Homeland Security, "ICS-CERT Monthly Monitor," October 2019)


new Malware variants discovered in 2022.
(Source: BSI, 2022)


have been published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for IT/OT Security.
(Source: NIST, 2023)

With a small team and limited resources, it can be difficult to keep up with ever-changing threats. Our security solutions ensure that your critical infrastructure is protected and water supply is maintained. You can rest easy knowing you are saving time and money. Whether you are dealing with budget constraints or understaffing, we have the expertise to protect your assets from cyber threats.

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“Securing critical infrastructure is about safeguarding more than assets; it's about ensuring the safety and reliability of essential services that communities rely on every day.”

Ozan Dayanc

Product Manager Cybersecurity

Identify and Respond to Threats
in Infrastructure Networks

We help you keep your railway and water treatment systems protected from cyber threats. Our range of security services includes thorough security assessments, meticulous functional monitoring, intrusion detection systems (IDS), vulnerability management, audit preparation, and unwavering defense support. Our solution provides visibility, deep packet inspection (DPI), and expert guidance to help analysts investigate potential incidents, setting us apart from the competition.

Security Risk 

  • Receive a comprehensive report on critical assets and potential security threats
  • Gain actionable recommendations to mitigate risks
  • Improve overall grid performance and functional resiliency
  • Sustain ongoing support to ensure continued security
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