of all spam mails in 2022 were cyber attacks, such as phishing and extortion emails.
(Source: BSI, 2022)


reports of malware infections in Germany in 2022.
(Source: BSI, 2022)


of European KRITIS companies have enacted cybersecurity protection measures.
(Source: ENISA, 2020)

Power utilities play a vital role in society, providing critical services to ensure public safety and support industries. Unfortunately, these utilities face unique challenges in securing their assets from cyber threats due to their devices’ distributed and interconnected nature. The use of legacy equipment further complicates matters, as it can be difficult to apply patches in a timely manner. The consequences of a successful cyber attack on these systems can be catastrophic, causing widespread power outages and threatening public safety.

Reinhard Bretzke, person

“OMICRON’s OT Cybersecurity contributed to improving asset utilization, process efficiency, and forecasting business performance. Through their assistance, we were able to identify and eliminate cybersecurity blind spots, to develop a comprehensive approach in terms of monitoring, detecting threats, and remediating them.”

Reinhard Bretzke

Head of Power Supply – Stadtwerke Kempen GmbH
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Identify and Respond to Threats 
in Your Power Grid

We deliver solutions that help control centers, power plants and substations build a secure future for their generation, transmission and distribution networks while improving operational visibility and resiliency. With our unique IT and OT expertise and comprehensive suite of services, utilities can receive immediate alerts of unauthorized access to critical devices at any location, recover quickly from security events or human error, and stay ahead of cyber threats that could negatively impact their operations.

Security Risk 

  • Receive a comprehensive report on critical assets and potential security threats
  • Gain actionable recommendations to mitigate risks
  • Improve overall grid performance and functional resiliency
  • Sustain ongoing support to ensure continued security
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