StationGuard is an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that gives you the power to monitor Ethernet networks in the power grid and detect cyber threats, prohibited activities, and malfunctions. With this combination of cybersecurity and functional monitoring, you can identify not only new threats and unknown attack scenarios, but also different kinds of malfunctions in the power utility.


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The Latest Update Offers Highly Requested New Features

Usability upgrade with MMS server availability

You can access the data model through the MMS server, which allows you to retrieve current alarm states and maintenance mode status. You can also access detailed nameplate information ( vendor, model, hardware and software version) within the data model.

Enhanced router support: Distinguish between devices

StationGuard now accurately distinguishes individual devices communicating behind a router by associating them with their unique IP addresses. Create separate device records for each IP address behind the router and assign specific roles and permissions to each IP address.

Merge and split device interfaces

StationGuard merges multiple interfaces of discovered devices into a single asset view, providing a consolidated and simplified representation. Ideal for multi-function devices like HMIs and RTUs.

Additional  New Features

  • Suppress warnings for MMS and IEC 104 events
  • Custom certificates for StationGuard web interface
  • Update firmware and license of RBX/MBX/VBX via web interface
  • Disable device announcements
  • Disable control port IP changes
  • Connect the active port to more than one subnet
  • Bug fixes and security improvements

For a more detailed explanation of all our added features and improvements, please refer to What’s New in StationGuard.

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